First Bradenton is partnering with (HBM) Haiti Bible Mission this Christmas to help support the people of Haiti. HBM has identified two avenues of support where we as a church can offer aide this holiday season. First, we have a goal of filling 100 backpacks for children in Haiti. Second, donations toward 100 tree ornaments from HBM. The money from each tree ornament goes directly to sponsoring a Haitian family for one week. The overall goal with these projects is to raise $5000 of support for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Pray today toward how you and your family can help!


• Donate $25 toward a handmade book bag through the church and fill it with small lightweight items. Return it to the church by Sunday, Nov. 20th. This will be a great Christmas gift for a Haitian child. Agape Flights will deliver the backpacks by Christmas.

• Donate $25 and receive a tree ornament from Haiti Bible Mission. The money that is raised from ornaments will sponsor a Haitian family for one week with food.

Help us reach and surpass our goal of $5000!

On the giving page, designate your gift Mission Special Needs”.

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