We will enter a consideration about trusting God: Can I trust God, Can God trust me? What happens when our whole relationship is based upon obedience and trust? Trust is the most important factor in knowing God and His will for my life and in growing as a steward. Our Finance Committee has done a wonderful job in presenting a budget that is full of faith but also based on data and fact. Their challenge: What part will we fulfill in accomplishing this budget? A part of this brochure is a Pledge Card. If you plan on financially supporting the Kingdom ministries of First Bradenton during 2020, we would love to celebrate with you concerning all that God is doing in and through FBCB. Thank you for giving. Thank you for being a steward of the resources God has given you to manage!

I love you First Bradenton, Allen T. Speer Transitional Pastor

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At First Bradenton, we believe the blessings that God has given us, including the financial ones, are not really ours, but His. In fact, we’re only stewards of God’s resources. And as God’s stewards, all that we have is God’s. So as we’re blessed, we want to in turn be a blessing to others, giving so that the Kingdom of God may be advanced on earth.

Through clicking on our online giving portal, we create a way that you can invest into God’s Kingdom – through tithes, offerings, and gifts to mission. This will lead to a secure website that allows us to track your tithes and offerings.

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In addition to online giving, we also accept checks and money orders.

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Financial reports are available to members upon request.


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